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HiDocu is an online marketplace for documents, contracts, letters and agreements. We provide a platform for companies and freelancers to offer all kinds of documents to customers all over the world.

HiDocu is the world’s largest marketplace for digital goods. On this page we explain how you can use HiDocu to sell your documents!

Lean how te became a sellor on HiDocu and automatically generate income with your documents!


How it works

1.Creating Your Seller Profile

First, you will need to create your seller profile. Your profile is how you present yourself to the community. You are encouraged to present yourself professionally.

2. Upload Your Docu

Your Docu is the service/document that you sell on HiDocu. Creating your Docu is an opportunity to show off your talent and provide buyers with all the information they need to help them decide to do business with you.

3. Monetizing Your Docu's

You can maximize your revenue by upselling your Docu’s with extras before, during, and after the order.

4. Sending Custom Offers

Sending Offers allows you to be proactive and offer your documents to potential buyers in a customized manner.

Selling on HiDocu

Your digital marketplace for legal documents

HiDocu is striving to become the world’s largest marketplace of legal services. Share your talent with our buyer community and make money while you go. Whether you are a business agency, lawyer, (legal) adviser, et cetera: HiDocu has a place for you. We are the largest online legal platform that connects your service with millions of people in need of legal documents or other legal aspects.

Join Our Growing Community!

Not only is HiDocu the ideal place to grow and promote your (start-up) business, the process is also quick and easy: create your profile, upload your great work, and get paid. Distinguish yourself from other buyers by creating high ratings and reviews, and we will do the rest. At all times we ensure to keep your documents, personal information and transactions safe. What are you waiting for? Become a seller here!

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